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The Purpose For This Database

The history of the Rottweiler in Australia only goes back to 1962 when Capt. Roy Smith brought in a breeding pair from England. They were Rintelna The Dragoon and Rintelna The Chatelaine.

The first two litters “E” and “F” were born in Western Australia, the first being born in quarantine. Roy Smith then moved to Queensland where the “G” litter was born and as far as I am aware all future litters were born there. The above is well documented in books published about Rottweilers in Australia.

I had been compiling a private database with all the ancestors of my dogs going back as far as possible. When I ran into an unknown sire or dam, I would endeavour to track them down. Unfortunately, here in Australia it is no easy task. There are NO stud books.  The Canine Councils in each state had their computer systems separate until the year 2000 and many of them were on a manual paper system for many years.  If one wanted information from their archives it would cost too much for the search.  Even now, with all states linked together with the ANKC it costs a lot of money to do a search even for the most recent information.  

Of the Rintelna dogs, one can only find about five or six that are quite prominent in well known pedigrees.  Surely there were more of them that were bred, had litters, and produced Champions. There were not many around in those days. The last Rintelna litter that I found was born in 1976. It was the “L” litter. What happened to “H, I, J and K”.

It concerned me that Australia’s Rottweiler history was getting lost in the annals of time.

I have started this online database so anyone with an Australian born or imported Registered Rottweiler can record the information here for future generations of Rottweiler enthusiasts to see.

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